Banlangen Keli


What exactly is Banlangen Keli? It’s a popular TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) herbal remedy used for the treatment of common colds and sore throats. We’ll talk more about this medicine and its helpful uses below.

For most living in Beijing, they’ve come to know of banlangen keli as a vital medicine to treat and prevent colds in the first developing stages. It’s basically a packet of little brown pellets that taste pretty sweet and is diluted in hot water to make a drink similar to tea. You take this when you first detect symptoms, so don’t wait until it’s too late. This medicine works great at the beginning stages to combat your illness. You take one or two bags at a time, 3-4 times a day. Purported uses for banlangen keli include: bronchitis, cancer treatment, chest congestion, common cold, fever, infections, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and viral infections. However, it’s best and commonly used for colds, so please consult a doctor if you use it for other purposes.