The Enchanting Red Leaves at Baiwang Mountain Forest Park


Baiwang Mountain Forest Park is located 3 km away fromthe Summer Palacein Beijing. It covers a very large area and its vegetation coverage has reached 95%. It is usually regarded as the oxygen source of Beijing. It is not a high mountain. But standing on top of it, you will see the modern tall buildings in the east and the dense forests and wheat fields behind the mountain. Inside the park, you can appreciate the vast areas of red leaves. Especially when the sun sets, the red clouds and the red leaves will form a picturesque view, so that you will have a fascinating experience. In addition, if you walk down along the slate-paved path on the western hillside to the valley, you will encounter a stone statue named Red Lead Fairy, where you can view the surrounding environment in a good angle.

Inside the park you will see the Capital Green Cultural Stele Forest, where different kinds of sceneries are set in the forests with the mountains as their backgrounds.

At the mountain you will also view the China-Japan Friendship Pavilion, Huitong Stone, Green Viewing Pavilion and others, which have become the entertainment sites for those in Beijing. To experience the interest of camping in the wild, the park also offers tents for tourists. Inside the park there is a bar called Baiwang Mountain Bar, in which the chairs and tables are simple but have antique flavors, and tourists can experience the European living style too. You can have a cup of tea and enjoy music while eating the well-prepared snacks. If you love Chinese paintings, you can view them in the gallery too. The life here is simple and elegant.

Every year the red leaf festival is held at Baiwang Mountain. During the festival, vast areas of red leaf forests will exhibit their red charms. The top two positions to appreciate red leaves at the mountain are the Friendship Pavilion and Maple Viewing Pavilion.

Why are the red leaves at the mountain beautiful? Reason one: there are large areas of different kinds of red leaf trees, including sumac, maple, torch trees and others. Reason two: since the foundation of China, the man-made maple forests are young and energetic. Reason three: the fields at the mountain are rich in fertile. Reason four: behind the Xishang Mountain, it has low temperature and frost arrives earlier than other areas. Reason five: it has never been damaged by man or nature. When viewing the red leaves, you should choose different positions, for the views in different positions will be largely different.

Opening Hours: 8:00-16:30

Phone: 010-62884508

Admission: 6 RMB


1. Take Bus (特) No. 6 at Beijing West Railway Station to Baiwang Mountain.

2. Take Bus (特) No. 4 atQianmen(前门) to Baiwang Mountain.

3. Take Bus (城铁临) No. 9 at Shangdi (上地) to Baiwang Mountain.

4. Take Bus No. 716, 718, (运通) 112, 903, 933, 968 or 330 to the park.