Legend of Wang Zhi He Fermented Bean Curd

Legend of Wang Zhi He Fermented Bean Curd


Wang Zhi He fermented bean curd is a delicious snack reputed as one of "China's time-honored brand" that has a history of over three hundred years.

In the 8th year of Kangxi's reign in the Qing Dynasty, Wang Zhihe, born in Xianyuan County, Anhui Province, went to Beijing to participate in the imperial examination. Unfortunately, he failed the exam and made a living in Beijing by grinding tofu. One day, his tofu did not sell well and there was much left. Afraid that the tofu would turn bad, he cut the tofu into small pieces and placed them into a jar mixed with salt and spices. Then, hesealed the mouth of the jar and thought that the preserved bean curd could be produced by this approach. Some days later, he opened the jar and found to his surprise that the tofu inside the jar was quite tasty. So he tried to sell it, which soon won the favor of the customers and became famous from then on. To the late Qing Dynasty, the fermented bean curd with odor was so popular that even Empress Dowager Cixi was indulged in it.

Wang Zhi He fermented bean curd is made of well selected ingredients. It is produced by high-quality soybeans through a series of processes including dunking the soybeans, grinding, filtering, adding halogen, pre-fermentation, pickling, post-fermentation, and so on. Wang Zhi He fermented bean curd has a special fragrant amid the strong odor. That is because a kind of protein mildew is generated which can decompose protein to create abundant amino acids. Therefore, the Wang Zhihe femented bean curd has a very fresh and delicious taste. Till now, "Wang Zhi He" brand products are wildly favored by the Chinese people for its five major characteristics - fine, oily, soft, mild and fragrant.