What are the regulations regarding foreign marriage or divorces with Foreign Citizens and Chinese nationals?


1. Marriage registration is a necessary procedure for a legal marriage in China.

If a foreigner marries a Chinese national within the Chinese territory, in line with China' s Marriage Law, both parties should register with the Division of Foreign Related Marriages, which is a registration process that takes place at the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. The foreign party should produce the following documents and materials:

(1) Valid passport or other valid international travel documents;

(2) Proof issued by his/her country in China that s/he has no spouse.

2. If a foreigner and his/her Chinese spouse voluntarily decide to divorce in China, both parties should go to the Division of Foreign-Related Marriage Registration of the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau to register for divorce. The foreigner should produce the following documents and materials:

(1) A marriage Certificate.

(2) A divorce Agreement signed by both parties;

(3) A valid passport and other valid international travel documents.