Beijing SOGO Department Store


Sogo is probably Beijing's most pleasant mall experience. The mix of hip Japanese (Sogo is a Japanese company) and

European boutiques, the convenient layout and an excellent and cheap food court on the 6th floor make a trip around here far

more fun than you expect from a shopping centre. Add in the espresso bars on each floor, supermarket with pharmacy in the

basement, and the games arcade on the 6th floor,and you're in mall heaven.With the operation area of more than 80 thousand square meters, Beijing SOGO is one of the largest department stores in Beijing. Following the business concept of combining top grade and popularization, it offers a wide range of high-quality commodities throughout the world to make the consumers enjoy the global shopping experience. SOGO’s brand optimization management and promotion management take the lead in the domestically commercial circle, which are learned by numerous department stores.

Open on June 24, 1998, Beijing Junefield Department Store (SOGO) is invested by Junefiedl Group, introduced advanced management of Japanese SOGO department store group. With 80,000m2-odd, Beijing SOGO is the largest individual shopping mall gathering shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure in Beijing. It is labeled a style of passion, fashion and fine commodity. In a gist of best commodity, best service and best shopping mall, SOGO gains an intensive focus, high market awareness and reputation through individual service, fashionable commodities and catchy promotions.

During the Christmas, if you buy goodies worth more than 100 yuan at the mall, you will gain a coupon worth 100 yuan.

The Japanese have found the perfect shopping recipe: take a funky selection of Japanese and European boutiques, mix in an excellent food court with uncommonly good sushi and sprinkle an espresso bar on each floor. You can even deposit the kids at SEGA World on the sixth floor for an uninterrupted schlep.

Add: No.8 Xuan Wai Street, Xuan Wu District, Beijing

Open: 9AM-9:30PM


Transportation: Public bus 102, 109, 105 or 808 at Xuanwumen stop;

Subway Line 2 or 4 at xuanwumen