FAQs | Can I use my own country's driver's license in Beijing?


Q: Can I use my own country's driver's license in Beijing?

A: According to the Road Traffic Safety Law, foreigners must hold a PRC vehicle  drivers' license if they drive vehicles in Chinese territory. To obtain a Chinese driver's license, the applicant must conform to related age and  health requirements then attend training on related laws and regulations and pass the exam. The next step is attend vehicle driving training at a prescribed time and pass a test given by the Beijing Public Security BureauTraffic Management Authority. Foreigners who have a valid foreign driver's  license can go directly to the Traffic Management Section of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to lodge an application with the  following forms:

(1) Motor vehicle driver's license application form.

(2) Originals and copies of applicants' passport and residence certificates.

(3) Health certificate issued by an approved hospital.

(4) A notarized Chinese translation of the valid foreign driver's license.

(5) Four one-inch color photographs with background.