Q&A | All-day Nucleic Acid Testing Services in Beijing


Beijing has confirmed 40 nucleic acid testing institutions that can provide 24-hour on-demand service for nucleic acid testing on a voluntary basis, ensuring at least two sites available in each district. In order to improve the testing efficiency, it specifies that the testing results will be issued within four to six hours in clinics treating fevers, within six hours for key groups and within 12 hours for others. These results will also be uploaded to Beijing Health Kit immediately when available.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)

List of the 40 institutions

Beijing Longfu Hospital

Beijing Gulou Hopsital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Zhanlanlu Hospital

FuXing Hospital, Capital Medical University

Beijing KingMed Diagnotics Laboratory

Beijing United Family Hospital

Beijing GeneX Health Medical Laboratory

Beijing Shangdi Hospital

Coyote's Flash Testing Cabin (Beijingxi Railway Station)

Coyote's Flash Testing Cabin (Beijing South Railway Station)

Peking University Shougang Hospital

Beijing Shijingshan Hospital

Beijing Jingmei Group General Hospital

Beijing Mentougou District Hospital

Beijing Fangshan Liangxiang Hospital

The First Hospital of Fangshan District, Beijing

Youxi Medical Cabin Laboratory

Beijing Friendship Hospital (Tongzhou), Capital Medical University

Beijing Luhe Hospital, Capital Medical University

Beijing Harmony Health Medical Diagnostics

Beijing Maijinuo Gene Technology Medical Laboratory

Beijing MyGenostics Co Ltd Medical Laboratory

Beijing Geneplus Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd

Beijing Genewill Medical Laboratory

Beijing GS Medical Laboratory

Beijing Daxing District People's Hospital

Beijing Renhe Hospital

Beijing Huairou District Hospital

Beijing Huairou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Pinggu Hospital

Beijing Pinggu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing Pinggu Yuexie Hospital

Beijing Miyun Hospital

Beijing Miyun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Hospital

Beijing Miyun District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

Beijing Miyun District Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Peking University Third Hospital Yanqing Hospital

Beijing Yanqing District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Beijing IPE Center for Clinical Laboratory

Beijing Annoroad Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Health Kit.)

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