Former Residence of Comrade Song Qingling


The former residence of Song Qingling was originally the mansion garden of Prince Zai Feng of the Qing Dynasty, and is located at No. 46, Houhai Beiyan, Xicheng District, Beijing. It is a typical Chinese style garden. The secluded garden is lined with rockery, flowers and trees, and surrounded by a crystal-clear lake. After the founding of the People' s Republic of China, the Party and the government planned to build a special residence for Song Qingling in Beijing. However, she declined repeatedly on the grounds that the country was in a state of great need. Finally, it was only after Premier Zhou's personal inquiry that she used the mansion garden to repair and build her own residence. Song Qingling moved here in 1963, then she worked, studied and lived here for nearly 20 years until her death on July 29, 1981.