Vigorous like Tigers, Together for a Shared Future


On March 3, the 2022 “Zodiac-themed Flash Mob” short video was officially launched.

2022 “Zodiac-themed Flash Mob” activity was sponsored by Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and organized by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center. Since 2016, the activity was held in the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, Danmark and many other countries in succession. Affected by the pandemic, the activity has been held online since 2021 Spring Festival, taking advantage of colorful visual techniques such as flash mob to exert unique charm of Chinese traditional zodiac culture.

“Vigorous like Tigers, Together for a Shared Future”, the video selects iconic landmarks of Beijing, uniting the auspiciousness of the zodiac tiger in Chinese traditional culture,actively integrating zodiac tiger into the ice&winter sports, presenting the vitality and characteristic of Beijing, and shows the whole world the charm of the Dual Olympic city.

With Chinese elements, vigorous Beijing shines with the new era

In Chinese culture, tiger is the totem of vitality, fieceness and power. Integrated with classical dance, new folk music and pop music, the 2022 “Zodiac-themed Flash Mob” presents lion dance,Chinese drum, sugar-figure blowing and other folk arts, giving tiger culture which was exhibited in museums and printed in textbooks life. The activity combines history and modern, tradition and fashion, as well as virtuality and reality, sending China’s best wishes of courage, confidence and power to people at home and abroad.

Ignite the passion of ice&snow, pass the dream of Winter Olympics

“Vigorous like Tigers, Together for a Shared Future”, the 2022 “Zodiac-themed Flash Mob” , was adapted based on Winter Olympics motto song “Together for a Shared Future”. The flash mob takes cultural squares of Haidian district and Chaoyang district as filming site to depict the strong atmosphere of this world event in Beijing. Besides, the video invited Beijing Youth Ice Hockey Team to participate, passing Beijing’s dream of Winter Olympics to the world and realizing Beijing’s promise of letting more people get involved in snow sports.

Illustrate the beauty of the world famous cultural city

Through depicting representative cities and joyful activities, the 2022 “Zodiac-themed Flash Mob” vividly illustrates the beauty and charm of Beijing as a world famous cultural city as well as  world tourism destination. “Vigorous like Tigers, Together for a Shared Future” aims to guide audiences at home and abroad to appreciate the wonderful combination of traditional Chinese culture, cutting-edge technology and aesthetics.

Hello, Winter Paralympic Beijing 2022! “Vigorous like Tigers, Together for a Shared Future” is ready to accompany athletes to fulfill their ice&snow dreams!