Shichahai Scenic Area

Shichahai, is a historical and cultural tourist scenic spot and a historical and cultural reserve in Beijing. It is located in the Xicheng District of the central city, adjacent to the central axis of Beijing city. With a water area of 336,000 square meters, it is the only open scenic area with open water in the inner city of Beijing, and is also the largest and most complete historical district in Beijing.

It occupies a unique position in the planning and construction history of Beijing. Shichahai includes the three waters and adjacent areas of Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai (also known as Jishuitan). To echo the "Front Three Hai", they are commonly known as the "Back Three Hai". Shichahai is also written as "Shichahai" ("Ten Temples Hai").

The area was originally surrounded by ten temples, hence the name. Since the Qing Dynasty, it has become a place for summer resort and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Beijing. Many ancient buildings in the Shichahai scenic area occupy an important position in the history of Beijing's urban construction and political and cultural history, including the Prince Kung's Mansion and Garden, the former residence of Song Qingling and the Prince Chun's Mansion, the Guo Moruo Memorial Hall, the Bell and Drum Tower, the Arrow Tower at Deshengmen, the Guanghua Temple, the Huitong Ancestral Hall, and the Huixian Hall.

Address: No.A23, Yangfang Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing