Hebei: Wei County Paper-cutting


Located in the northwestern part of Hebei Province, Wei County is famous for its paper-cutting. Also known as "window flowers", paper-cutting is a traditional decorative art of the local folklore, which has a history of more than 200 years. The initial patterns were mostly flowers, and were later incorporated into the art of Tianjin Yangliuqing and Wuqiang New Year's Paintings, forming a unique style of its own.

Paper-cutting in Wei County is a product of civil society and reflection of people' livelihood. It has a wide range of themes and patterns, including opera characters, opera faces, myths and legends, flowers, birds, fish and insects, auspicious animals and so on.

The paper-cutting work of Wei County features both the rough and rustic characteristics of northern folk paper-cutting and the delicate and elegant style of southern paper-cutting. It is colorful, contrasting, decorative, folkloric, and rhythmic, presenting the charm of a beautiful, simple, and flamboyant art that is appreciated by the public.

Translated by LIU Yu