Fancy Stations on the Metro Line 19


1. Fresh Retro Tone | Xingong Station

This is the starting station of Line 19, with its blue and purple palace roof and changing lights. The station is bright and spacious, and the floor is so clean that you can see the reflection.

Fresh Chinese style

Inside the hexagonal window pane are old architectural paintings, and the warm light and wooden décor are classical and fresh.

Green and retro

Xingong Station is also an interchange station for the Daxing Line of the subway. The overall tone of light green and white diminishes the cold and crowded feeling of the subway station. Compared to other stations, the station is larger and the rest seats are neatly placed.

2. Lovely Rustic Style | Xinfadi Station

The light blue curved ceiling sheds soft light. When you come to this station, you will feel like you have come to a well-designed museum exhibition hall.

Vegetable and fruit elements

Vegetable and fruit elements can be found everywhere in the station hall. The wall under the station platform is painted with a huge mural in bright colors, which is full of a rustic atmosphere. The iconic watermelon gate at this station is very conspicuous. Together with the brightly colored murals, passengers will have a good mood when walking pass it. The cartoon collage on the whole wall makes the subway station come alive. The wall next to it is also decorated with many fruit illustrations.

3. Niujie Station

When you walk into the Niujie Station, you will find many people taking pictures with their cell phones. Different from the fresh tones of the previous ones, the decorative paintings show the style of ethnic minorities and provide a touch of humanity.

Peacock painting

The parrots painted on the blue-green style wall are vivid, and the lights on top also match the folklore of Niujie Street.

4. Macaron Green | Jishuitan Station

The macaron green ceiling and soft lights are simple without monotony. The carp pattern is coiled around the top, which is quite interesting.

Classical charm

Chinese round screens and openwork window panes allow people to appreciate classical art even when riding the subway.