"Joyful Rendezvous: When Winter Olympic Games Meets Intangible Cultural Heritage" Online Exhibition of Traditional Winter Sports Launched in Dongcheng District, Beijing


Beijing's Dongcheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center is hosting an exhibition of traditional ice and snow sports in Dongcheng in 2022, including cultural heritage projects such as Bingxi (ice-skating), as well as national ice and snow sports projects such as Tai Chi Softball, combined with newly created artworks on the theme of the Winter Olympics.

"Joyful Rendezvous: When Winter Olympic Games Meets Intangible Cultural Heritage" will be launched on January 22nd at 14:00 through the online platforms of "Intangible Cultural Heritage 101" (非遗101) WeChat Channel, TiKTok and Baidu Haokan Video.

As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is approaching, the whole society is paying more attention to winter sports. In fact, if you trace back the roots of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey, etc., they all have been around for a long time in China, as shown in the artwork "Iceplay" from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty in the collection of the Palace Museum.

The exhibition is held under the guidance of the Dongcheng District Office of Ethnic and Religious Affairs and the Dongcheng District Culture and Tourism Bureau, reflecting both the joy of the Dongcheng people in welcoming the the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and also making more people fall in love with ice and snow activities and intangible cultural heritage by demonstrating the charm of excellent Chinese traditional culture.