This winter, release yourself in outdoor ice rinks


1. Shichahai Ice Rink

Located at the center of Beijing city, Shichahai Ice Rink enjoys a high popularity among local Beijingers. Carrying the beautiful memories of generations of local people, Shichahai Ice Rink was originally a wide lake in the Yuan Dynasty, and later in the Ming Dynasty it gradually spread, forming Xihai Lake, Houhai Lake and Qianhai Lake, which are all connected together. Since the Qing Dynasty, Shichahai has already become a popular place for entertainment and recreation.

Integrating history, culture and scenery, Shichahai Ice Rink is a can't-miss spot to visit in this freezing winter!

Address: No.5 Qianhainanyan, Xicheng District, Beijing

Transportation: Take subway Line 8 and get off at Shichahai Station

2. Summer Palace Ice Rink

Covering an area of around 700,000 square meters, Kunming Lake located in the Summer Palace turns into a large ice rink in winter. It boasts the largest natural ice rink in the downtown Beijing. Summer Palace Ice Rink is divided into three areas including Kunming Lake, the Suzhou Street Lake area and the west embankment ice slide area. With the large and broad ice surface, it is a wonderland for people to conduct various winter sports.

Standing on the ice surface, people can have a panoramic view of famous scenic spots like Wanshou Mountain, Foxiang Pavilion, Seventeen-Arch Bridge and West Embankment. Decorated with white, the Summer Place shows a unique charm in this season.

As a popular ice rink in Beijing, Summer Palace Ice Rink attracts a large number of visitors every day, especially on weekends, to take exercise and have fun.

Address: No. 19 Xinjiangongmen Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Beigongmen Station

3. Beihai Park Ice Rink

Known as the “Winter Palace”, Beihai Park covers an area of above 15,000 square meters. Beihai Park Ice Rink used to be a place for royal family to hold ice-skating activities, and it is recorded that Empress Dowager Cixi watched the ice performance every year at this spot.

Today, it has become a welcome ice rink that is equipped with around 400 ice wagons, 350 ice skates and 100 ice bikes. Besides, every year at Beihai Park, there will be a fabulous ice performance given by performers dressed like Eight Banner Ice Skating Battalion, trying to reproduce the ancient ice activity held in this royal garden.

Old or young, it is always easy to find excitement and happiness in skating at Beihai Park. Tourists can get away from the noise of the city and find endless joy and excitement in appreciating the white pagoda, viewing the landscapes and sliding the ice wagon here with their families.

Address: No.1 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 6 and get off at Beihaibei Station

4. Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is a national AAAA scenic area with a total area of 132.07 hectares and water area of 57.93 hectares. As a comprehensive park in Beijing, it boasts long history, abundant water area and picturesque scenery, and it is famous for spring cherry blossoms and annual winter activities. Every year, Yuyuantan Park hosts snow and ice events and activities for citizens.

Located on the lake west to the park’s cherry blossom garden, the icy area turns into a snow paradise that attracts plenty of visitors come to have fun. Several recreational activities which are popular among Beijingers are also presented here, such as rolling loop, kicking shuttlecock, spinning top etc., letting visitors to experience and explore old Beijing culture.

Address: No.10 West 3rd Ring Middle Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 9 and get off at The Military Museum of The Chinese People’s Revolution Station

5. Taoranting Park Ice Rink

Open to public in January 2015, Taoranting Park Ice Rink is divided into east and west zones. According to the staff, the thickness of the ice layer would be measured three times a day, and when the thickness is less than 15 centimeters, the rink would be temporarily closed.

The park provides visitors with a wide range of recreational activities. Visitors have a chance to take part in snow UFO zone, snow CS, snow view zone and many other events. Besides, the park offers a long ice slide for visitors to have fun. As a surprise for kids, there are eight penguins in the park area which will be exhibited during the ice and snow festival.

Address: No.19 Taiping Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Taoranting Station

6. Olympic Park Skating Rink

With a total area of 23,000 square meters, Olympic Park Skating Rink is the largest open-air rink in Beijing. The rink is divided into three parts, one part for ice cycling, one for ice hockey and another for leisure skating. Located on the south zone of the park, the rink takes advantage of water surface of the Olympic Park, forming a natural ice rink, closely next to mountains.

Embraced by gorgeous scenery and equipped with complete facilities, Olympic Park Skating Rink is a perfect venue for outdoor sports lovers. Skating equipment rentals are available.

Address: No.1 Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Beijing Olympic Park

7. Weiming Lake Skating Rink

Inside Peking University, there is an artificial lake named Weiming Lake. When it comes to winter, the water turns into ice and people can skate on the surface. Skating on Weiming Lake in winter has already become a campus favorite. Tracing back to 1950s, PKU even opened ice skating lessons since this activity was so popular among the campus community.

Entering the campus costs no money, while visitors need to pay to hire a pair of skates. As one of the most attractive open-air rinks in Beijing, Weiming Lake Skating Rink receives a high popularity among students, staff and locals.

Address: No.5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Transportation: Take Subway Line 4 and get off at Yuanmingyuan Station