Ice Waterfalls in Beijing


Beijing features four distinct seasons, and every season has its representative colors. Pink red for spring, fresh green for summer, golden yellow for autumn and pure white for winter. When it comes to winter, one of the most exciting and charming activity is to appreciate ice waterfall. On the outskirts of Beijing, the waterfalls will be frozen in winter and form a breathtaking scenery. However, due to fickle weather conditions, every year the period left for tourists to enjoy such gorgeous natural artworks is short. Here is a list of tourist attractions in Beijing that are famous for viewing ice waterfalls.

1.Shenquan Gorge

Around 50 kilometers away from downtown Beijing, Shenquan Gorge Scenic Spot is located in Tanchang Village, Miaofengshan Town, Mentougou District. As one of the most welcome spots for ice waterfalls appreciation, Shenquan Gorge enjoys the reputation as “The Best Ice Waterfall in the West of Beijing”.

Crystal-clear ice are formed into various shapes, for instance, ice trees, ice flowers and so on, bringing tourists into a winter fairytale town. Some of its ice landscapes are natural gifts, while some are artificial ice formations. Every year, when December arrives, the whole scenic spot turns into a pure white paradise, with ice waterfall scenery stretching for miles. There are mainly three ice waterfalls with in the spot, ranging from huge ice towers, ice columns and icicles hanging from caves to tiny ice flowers, ice crystal dotted on the tip of tree branches.

Strolling around the area, every spot seems like a place of pure white ice kingdom. Tourist will be deeply impressed by spectacular ice&snow view. At night, lights of various colors illuminate on the area, adding another flavor to Shenquan Gorge Scenic Area.

Address: Shenquan Gorge Scenic Area, Miaofengshan Town, Mentougou District, Beijing

2.Yunpugou Scenic Area

With a height of 1,1157 meters above the sea level, Yunpugou Scenic Area is located at the junction of Yanqing District and Hebei Province. Built leaning the mountains, crystal-clear ice waterfall of Yunpugou Scenic Area would invoke tourists’ creativity and imagination, which makes it a spot not only for appreciating but also for photographing and drawing.

Most constriction materials of Yunpugou come from the local area, taking advantage of the original lanes and maintaining its ancientness and primitiveness. Gorges in Yunpugou are winding, with perennial streams, steep cliffs, and dense forests, presenting the spectacle of this tourist attraction. Murmuring streams are frozen to white “jade belt” in winter, combined with exquisite artificial skills, attracting tourist lingering and enjoying.

Address:  Bankuaidoufushan Mountain, East to Longqing Gorge Scenic Area, Yanqing District, Beijing (Northwestern Side of Yanqing Basin)

3.Jinshui Lake Scenic Area

Located in Xiayunling Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, Jinshui Lake Scenic Area is 80 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. Surrounded by mountains, water surface is shimmering and sparkling, hence it gets the name “Jinshui Lake” (jinshui means golden water in Chinese).

In winter, Jinshui Lake boasts ice waterfall scenery and it is equipped with ice&snow recreational leisure activities. The height of ice waterfall can reach hundreds meters high, with different sizes and shapes, impressing visitors greatly. Started from Jan 1th, 2022, the ice&snow festival of Jinshui Lake definitely meets your expectation.

Address: Jinshui Lake Scenic Area, Xiayunling Village, Fangshan District, Beijing

4.Beijing Huyu Natural Scenic Area

Beijing Huyu Natural Scenic Area is a national AA tourist attraction located in Huyu Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing. As a national level scenic spot, the place boasts the Golden Shine of Tiger Ravine(虎峪辉金), which is one of the top 8 landscapes in ancient Beijing. With grand mountains, gurgling rivers and charming caves, Huyu Scenic Area contains 36 natural attractions.

Since the area is located at the northwest of Beijing, the temperature here is comparatively lower than downtown area, which contributes a fine condition for the formation of ice waterfall. Ice waterfalls in Huyu Scenic Area are as white as polished jade and present attractive appearances. Under the sunlight, those ice waterfalls shines brilliantly.

Besides viewing gorgeous ice waterfalls, the area is equipped with ice-climbing programme. Visitors will be given professional climbing facilities and detailed guidance, having a chance to appreciate those spectacular natural artworks closely.

Address: North to Huyu Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing

5.Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area

Covering an area of around 16 square kilometers, Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area contains about 80 tourist sites that is praised as “one lake, six waterfalls and thirteen ponds”.

Every year, when it comes to winter, an ice&snow kingdom will emerge from the valley. As a part of Yunmeng Mountain region, Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area contains dense forest and plenty of lakes and ponds. In winter, waterfalls and streams cascading down the valleys and mountains are frozen and form natural ice engravings in various shapes.

The greatest feature of Taoyuan Xiangu in winter is having fun in the vast ice&snow space. What’s more, the area provides tourists with costumes and facilities to conduct thrilling and exciting ice-climbing activities. There are two spectacular “ice waterfall walls” in Taoyuan Xiangu, which reach 50 meters high and hundreds meters width. The east ice waterfall is perfect for professional climbers, while the west one has slower slope that is more suitable for newbies.

Address: (Miguanlu), Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing