Come and learn more about Chinese printing knowledge


China Printing Museum is located at Huang Village, Daxing District, Beijing. After four years of preparation, the China Printing Museum was completed on June 1, 1996. In order to welcome the 7th World Printing Conference held in Beijing in 2001, the museum was reconstructed and the underground exhibition hall was built. Now, with a total construction area of about 8,000 square meters and exhibition area of about 6,000 square meters, it is the world's largest printing museum.

The museum has ancient printing exhibition, modern printing exhibition, printing equipment exhibition, digital exhibition and temporary exhibition hall. In addition, the museum also has an interactive experience area, where visitors can experience the ancient method of paper making, woodblock printing process. With the theme of printing technology, it displays the representative print materials, printing technology and equipment and related raw materials from previous generations to show that the important role of printing in the aspects of developing culture, promoting social progress, disseminating scientific knowledge, developing production, improving people's life and international cultural exchanges.

The museum has been established as a national popular science education base and a national 3A level tourist attraction. It fully shows the historical process of the origin, invention and development of printing in various countries.

Translated by LIU Yu