Enjoy Winter in Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area


Covering an area of around 16 square kilometers, Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area contains about 80 tourist sites that is praised as “one lake, six waterfalls and thirteen ponds”.

Every year, when it comes to winter, an ice&snow kingdom will emerge from the valley. As a part of Yunmeng Mountain region, Taoyuan Xiangu Natural Scenic Area contains dense forest and plenty of lakes and ponds. In winter, waterfalls and streams cascading down the valleys and mountains are frozen and form natural ice engravings in various shapes.

The greatest feature of Taoyuan Xiangu in winter is having fun in the vast ice&snow space. What’s more, the area provides tourists with costumes and facilities to conduct thrilling and exciting ice-climbing activities. There are two spectacular “ice waterfall walls” in Taoyuan Xiangu, which reach 50 meters high and hundreds meters wide. The east ice waterfall is perfect for professional climbers, while the west one has slower slope that is more suitable for newbies.

Address: (Miguanlu), Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing