Densely vegetated, here is a natural oxgen bar in suburbs of Beijing


Located in Huangyuliang, Huangsongyu Township, Pinggu District, Beijing, Pinggu Tianyun Mountain Tourist Scenic Area is 10 kilometers from the Jingdong Great Cave. With a good ecological environment, beautiful natural scenery, and profound cultural deposits, the UNESCO ecological inspection team praised it as " the Northern Zhangjiajie" in 1986 and 1988.

The Tianyun Mountain Scenic Area is densely vegetated, with wild birch forests and rhododendrons, which are rare in Beijing. The valley is draped with white clouds, and the streams gurgle. Even in the hot summer, the Fenghan Valley ( Cold Slope ) is only 2℃, so visitors can enjoy the natural oxygen bar and a relaxing trip to escape the summer heat.

The main peak of Tianyun Mountain is 1,149 meters above sea level. There are glass walkways, wooden walkways, steep steps, wire bridges, miniature waterfalls, craggy painted Buddhas, and craggy temples under construction. The view is still very good in foggy conditions.

Tianyun Mountain Scenic Area is a beautiful picture scroll laid flat on the top of a high mountain, a rare natural park. It features beauty by combining majestic, peculiar, quiet, and cool in one place.