A fabulous place for outdoor lovers


Heilongtan Scenic Spot, located in Miyun district, is known as "the No.1 waterfall in the capital", and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the suburbs of Beijing. It is a canyon corridor with a total length of 4 kilometers and a terrain drop of more than 220 meters.

The scenic area is mainly composed of canyons and pools, with three waterfalls and eighteen pools in it, and is famous for its novelty, wonder and danger. The pools are scattered in the deep canyon with various shapes, making it a mysterious and peculiar place.

Featured Attractions:

Black Dragon Head Pool: It is the gateway to the scenic spot, with a waterfall of more than 30 meters high and a pool area of about 50 square meters, whose deepest point is about 3 meters.  There is a tiger-shaped stone on the north side of the cliff, so there is a legend of "Dragon and Tiger Guarding the Gate”

Pingsha Pool: The water of the pool flows slowly into a cauldron-like pool from a 30-degree slope of stone pieces 5 meters away, with a white sand paved bottom. The water surface is about 8 square meters, and the deepest depth is only 3 meters. Because of the smooth water surface and clear bottom, it is called "Pingsha Pool".

In Heilongtan Scenic Spot, you can climb the Great Wall and see the panoramic view of the Miyun reservoir. Boating and fishing are also available. You can also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery in the Heilongtan Scenic Spot, making it an excellent place for family outing.