Let's go skiing!


Beijing Yuyang Ski Resort, with an area of 6,000 mu (4 sq km), covers snow sports, ecological restaurants, accommodations, outdoor exercise, conference, leisure, picking and angling. The ski resort has 12 snow trails featuring beginner slopes, intermediate slopes, and difficult slopes, two aerial lifts and 6 snow carpets.

Yuyang International Ski Resort has the scale and facilities, hotels and restaurants to meet international standards and to entertain visitors. The resort offers facilities for independent visitors, large groups and even VIPs who are catered for in a special lounge on the second floor of the reception building.

The operation of the resort is said to be efficient, so once arriving at the outfitting building, you can rent warm clothes, skis and ski boards, boots and other accessories, get dressed and be out on the slopes within half an hour. The drag tows and lifts offer convenient transportation. There are is a quad chairlift and many double-seater lifts.

The resort has modern snow making equipment, so if the conditions are right you'll find the slopes well-pisted. Most Chinese are new at skiing, and the resort is in a Beijing suburb, so you are likely to find mainly inexperienced kids and adults just wanting to have fun. The resort is more like a ski park than a ski mountain. You may hear the upbeat music of DJ music drifting up the slopes from the open-air DJ booth at the foot of the hill.

Add: No.688, Dawangwu Village, Donggaocun Town, Pinggu District