Yanqi Lake, a leisure place located in Beijing suburbs


Yanqi Lake is located at the foot of Yanshan Mountain by the Great Wall, where flocks of geese often come to roost in the spring and autumn every year, hence its name. In 2014, the APEC informal meeting of APEC leaders was held here. And in May 2017, the "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was held here, making Yanqi Lake once again the focus of the world's attention.

Yanqi Lake Amusement Park has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery. It is a famous resort for sports, fitness, leisure, and vacation in the suburbs of Beijing. The amusement park has all kinds of entertainment facilities, including more than 40 kinds of water and land projects for tourists of different ages. Among them, fitness and entertainment projects such as water flying umbrella, water sports car, self-supporting water motorcycle, water flying and landing, water curtain film, rocket bungee jumping, flying man in the air, rafting, rock climbing, and archery are deeply loved by the majority of tourists.