Top 10 Expressions on the Internet in 2021


Recently, National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center released “Top 10 Expressions on the Internet in 2021”. What are they? Let’s have a glimpse.

1. The Age of Awakening (觉醒年代)

As one of the most hit TV series in 2021, The Age of Awakening traces the founding process of the Communist Party of China, vividly recreates the great changes in China’s modern history and profoundly tells the path how people finally chose the Communist Party. Since its airing, the TV series has been well-received by viewers and becomes a fabulous learning material for Party history learning.


YYDS is the abbreviation of yǒng yuǎn de shén(永远的神). The expression is used to express one’s deep admiration for someone. During Tokyo Olympics 2021, Chinese athletes’ excellent performances made Chinese netizens exclaim “YYDS”.

3. shuāng jiǎn(双减)

“Shuang Jian” is short for ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education. The purpose of this action is to further promote schools’ teaching quality and service level, making the arrangement of homework more scientific and reasonable, letting the after-class services basically meet students’ needs, as well as comprehensively normalizing after-school training intuitions.

4. Overwhelmed (破防)

The phrase was originally used in games referring to tearing down someone’s defense. Now it presents that people feel overwhelmed when they encounter something or see some information which deeply touch their hearts, making them become emotionally vulnerable.

5. Metaverse (元宇宙)

The phrase Metaverse appeared in a sci-fi novel at first, and later it refers to XR, digital twin, blockchain, Ai and other cutting-edge technologies that forms a lifestyle combing both the digital and physical world. Currently, Metaverse is still a concept evolving and changing over time.

6. jué jué zǐ(绝绝子)

Originated from a popular online TV show, this phrase is used by some fans to cheer for their idols. The meaning of Jue Jue Zi is equivalent to awesome, breathtaking, marvellous and unbelievable.

7. Lie Flat / Be a Couch Potato (躺平)

Lie down/be a ouch potato presents the situation that people surrender under pressure and give up fighting. Lie flat/be a couch potato is more like a way that today’s young people regulating and adjusting themselves. Lying flat for now is not giving up, but accumulating energy for a new journey.

8.It is not that hurtful but extremely embarrassing(伤害性不高,侮辱性极强)

This sentence comes from an online video, and is used by netizens to describe something that may cause no material harm but make people feel embarrassing.

9. I didn’t get it, I was just in awe(我看不懂,但我大受震撼)

It is said by director Ang Lee in the documentary Trespassing Bergman (2013), when he made comments about a work. It now refers to a feeling astounded or confused about something.

10. We are ready to build a powerful China(强国有我)

The phrase originates from the solemn pledge promised by Chinese youth at the Celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Party in Tian 'anmen Square, “Please rest assured, we are ready to build a powerful China”. It is a solemn commitment to the Party and the people,  highlighting the ambition, grit and determination of the Chinese youth.

Source content (China Daily, Beijing Daily)