Shihua Cave Scenic Area


As a 4A Tourist Scenic Spot, Shihua Cave Scenic Area is the first geopark in China with natural landscape of karst caves as its theme. The cave is wet and cool from May to October, so it is best recommended to visit in summer.

The admission fee of Shihua Cave Scenic Area is 70 yuan for adult tickets each; children under 1.2 meters tall are free; children over 1.2 meters need to purchase tickets.

Shihua Cave, also known as Qianzhen Cave and Ten Buddha Cave ( Stone Buddha Cave), was formed during the mountain building movement 70 million years ago. The structure of Shihua Cave is in the form of floors, and seven floors have been discovered so far. The first to the sixth floor features cave landscapes, while the seventh floor is an underground dark river. Shihua Cave has an extremely rare underground cave spectacle in northern China. It is now open to the public from one to four levels, with a tour route of more than 2,500 meters. It is divided into 16 halls, with a total of 18 scenic areas and more than 120 landscapes.

Among the scenic area, there are a number of famous spots vividly named by their unique appearance including Dragon Palace Curtain, Heavenly Mandarin Pillars, Dragon Lady Embroidery Table and so on.

Address: Shihuadong Scenic Area, Nancheying Village, Hebei Town, Fangshan District, Beijing