Shenglian Mountain Tourist Resort


Shenglian Mountain Tourist Resort is a 4A Tourist Scenic Spot. Among the tourist resort, there is a natural cave named Saint Water Cave that has a spring that flows around all year. The folk story says that the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty believed the water here had special charm and once sent people here to get water for health care.

Located in Shijiaying Township, Fangshan District, Beijing, 86 kilometers from downtown Beijing, it was formerly called "Shengmi Shitang" and was one of the "Eight Scenic Views of Beijing" in early times. It is a tourist and sightseeing resort integrating humanistic and natural landscapes.

Among the resort, there are two famous spots: Lao Zi Statue and Zhenwu Temple. The former is completed in 2009, with 57 meters tall, and stands majestically amidst the lotus petal-like mountains. The latter is the largest and most magnificent Taoist palace.

Address: Liulinshui Village, Shijiaying Township, Fangshan District, Beijing