Dashilar - a place bring you back to old-time Beijing

Dashilar, a famous commercial street, is located at the central place of ancient Beijing. As an important part of the south central axis, it locates at the south of Tian'anmen Square and west of Qianmen Street, with the total length of 275 meters from east to west.

With a history of more than 500 years, the origin of Dashilar can be traced back to Yuan Dynasty when it was already functioned as a bustling commercial street. Originated in Yuan Dynasty and finally completed in Ming Dynasty, Dashilar was enlarged and grew in prosperity day by day. As for the origin of its name “Dashilar”, which derives from Ming Dynasty when the emperor ordered to build wooden fences at both ends to prevent thieves and robbers. In 2000, since the original wooden fences had already been destroyed, the local municipal government added iron fences on this place.

After experiencing several restorations and revitalization, Dashilar, nowadays, is famous for all kinds of stores with an antique flavors. Most ancient architectures here are well-preserved, and a plenty of well-known time-honored shops accumulate in Dashilar still providing traditional good products, for instance, Ma Ju Yuan (specializing in manufacturing hats) and Nei Lian Sheng (a famous ancient shoe store).

As a landmark of Beijing, Dashilar attracts numerous visitors from home and abroad every day. People come to explore old Beijing culture, acquiring the most immersive experience of antique Beijing life.