“Baiyangdian in Beijing” - Hanshiqiao Wetland Park


With a total area of around 1,900 hectares, Hanshiqiao Wetland Park is a nature reserve located in the eastern plain of Beijing. As the only large reed swamp in the plain of Beijing, the core area of Hanshiqiao Wetland Park covers about 3,000 mu. It is recorded that there are nearly 153 species of birds in this nature reserve, including 2 national class I protected species, 17 national class II protected species and 292 wild plants species. It is a habitat for various rare and endangered birds.

As the only large reed swamp wetland park in Beijing, Hanshiqiao Wetland Park attracts a large number of visitors and photographers every year. The water surface is crystal clear and the scenery is spectacular. It really deserves the name of "little Baiyangdian in the suburbs of Beijing." There are large sightseeing boats and pedal boats in Hanshiqiao Wetland Scenic Area. With unique designs, the boats are perfectly integrated with nature.

Address: Hanshiqiao Village, Yang Town, Shunyi District, Beijing