Dancing with butterflies in Beijing Colorful Butterfly Garden


Colorful Butterfly Garden is a large-scale garden for appreciating living butterflies, covering an area around 1,000 mu. Breeding high-qualified butterflies about 30 species and with an annual output of 5,000,000 butterflies, Colorful Butterfly Garden integrates butterfly breeding, appreciation, popularization of science and other cultural activities, and it is the only parent-child educational base featuring butterfly as the theme.

Seven characteristics of the garden:

1.Butterfly Appreciation

Here visitors have the chance to get close to flying butterflies and appreciate their beauty in a close distance.

2.Butterfly Freeing

It is believed that if you secretly tell butterflies your wishes and then let them free, they will carry your wishes to elves who will make wishes come true. In Colorful Butterfly Garden, there is a 10,000㎡ square designed for visitors freeing butterflies.

3.Butterfly Popularization

Garden presents butterfly samples collected from all over the world, letting people closely observe their body shapes and evolutionary processes.

4.Butterfly Culture

From ancient Chinese myth Butterfly Lovers to modern artworks embroidered with butterfly patterns, the butterfly culture has existed for thousands of years. The butterfly cultural corridor here illustrates the infinite charm of butterfly culture in various ways including paintings, poems and books.

5.Flower Ocean

A flower ocean covers an area of around 200 mu, attracting both butterflies and visitors lingering on.

6.Interactive Activities

In sites like Butterfly DIY Workshop, visitors would participate in manufacturing exquisite artworks by using butterfly wings.

7.Fruits Picking

Garden also provides about 20,000 pot fruit plants including red apples and yellow persimmons, letting visitors enjoy the happiness of self-picking.

Opening Hours: 9:30 - 16:30

Address: Nanlangzhong Village, Gaoliying town, Shunyi District, Beijing