Located in the northeast of the country, as the capital of China, Beijing has the continental climate, with cold and dry winters and hot and rainy summers. The city is affected by the monsoon circulation: in winter, there are cold currents coming from the northwest, while in summer, humid currents from tropical origin prevail.

Spring and autumn are transitional periods. In spring, the temperature increases rapidly. In April, it often exceeds 20℃(68℉), and the average temperature in May is around 26℃(79℉). The summer in Beijing is the hottest period with highs about 35℃(95℉)and the perceived temperature exceeding 40℃(104℉)because of the humidity. The autumn is the most comfortable time to visit with the humidity decreasing and the temperature being pleasant. In winter, the average temperature is a few degrees below freezing (0℃ or 32℉). Sunshine is common and a cold wind blows from the deserts of Mongolia.

Precipitation in Beijing amounts to 570 mm(23 inches)a year. Although the rains seem abundant, they mainly are concentrated in the summer.

The sunshine in Beijing is quite common all year round. The least sunny months are July and August.