Online Car-Hailing Apps

There are many online car-hailing apps in China, which greatly meets customers travel needs. Popular car-hailing platforms in China includes DIDI Chuxing, T3 Chuxing, CAOCAO Chuxing, Shenzhou Zhuanche, Meituan Dache and so on.

Taking DIDI Chuxing as an example, here is an introduction of how to hail a car in online car-hailing apps.

First, enter the interface of Alipay and find the App DIDI Chuxing.

Next, enter the interface of DIDI Chuxing which will automatically recognize your current location, so you only need to input your destination.

Thirdly, all available car types and their prices will be presented, so you can make your choice and hail the car.

Finally, wait in your current location and your chosen car will pick you up within few minutes.