Subway in Beijing

Up to DEC. 2020, there were 24 lines ( inlcuding 2 modern tram lines) operating in Beijing’s rail transit network, with a total mileage of 727 kilometers. Among them, Line 1 and Line 2 are the oldest routes, and they are also the main routes in Beijing’s urban areas.

Operating hours:

5: 00 to 23: 00. Each line has slightly different operating hours, so please refer to the on-site announcement.

Ticket fare:

Metered fares are used for the city’s rail transit (exclusive of the rail transit to the airport express line). For passengers traveling between 0-6 kilometers, the ticket price will be RMB3; 6 to 12 km (including 12 km) costs 4 yuan, and 12 to 32 km (including 32 km) costs 6 yuan; if their traveling mileage exceeds 32 kilometers, each 20 km costs 1 yuan. There is no ceiling for the fare.Passengers are allowed to stay in the non-free areas for no more than 4 hours in each trip.

Payment method:

1. Cash payment: Self-service ticket vending machines without top-up function mostly accept CNY ¥1 coins and CNY ¥5 or CNY ¥10 banknotes. Self-service top-up machines or self-service ticket sales/top-up machines mostly accept CNY ¥10,CNY ¥20,CNY ¥50 orCNY ¥100 banknotes. Manual ticketing generally accept all forms of currencies in circulation, but some stations do not provide manual ticketing services.

2. Mobile payment: (1) Passengers can pick up tickets and enter the station by scanning the QR code on their mobile phones through the online ticket pick-up machine. The gate is equipped with a QR code scanner to support this operation. (2) Use the unified QR code of Beijing Public Transport, Yitongxing and Yikatong. At present, the non-cash payment for Beijing Rail Transit is via UnionPay Cloud Flash Payment, WeChat and Alipay. (3) From June 30, 2020, passengers can also purchase electronic one-way tickets for Beijing’s urban rail transit through Alipay's "Beijing Subway Ride-Yitongxing" app, and scan the code to get into the station.

Subway guide to popular tourist attractions:

Line 1: Xidan Commercial Street, Tiananmen Square, Palace Museum, Wangfujing Commercial Street, Military Museum (transfer to Line 9 at this station to get to Beijing West Railway Station)

Line 2: Beijing North Railway Station Gulou Station, Lama Temple, Sanlitun, Qianmen Dashilan

Line 4: Summer Palace, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhongguancun Business District, National Library of China, Zoo, Beijing South Railway Station

Line 5: Temple of Heaven, Lama Temple

Line 6: Nanluoguxiang

Line8: Water Cube Bird's Nest (National Stadium), Olympic Green Space, China Science and Technology Museum and China National Culture Park

Line 15: Olympic Park

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