Meet Jiangnan ancient town in Beijing


Recently, Gubei Water Town, known as the "Northern Wuzhen", has attracted thousands of tourists with its ancient architecture, elegant environment, unique history and culture, profound cultural connotation and rich folk customs, and has become a "dark horse" among Miyun District, Beijing and even China's tourism industry. Based on the northern water culture, it is becoming a new fashionable landmark of Beijing's night tour, attracting more and more young people and international friends to come for vacation and leisure. It is also a paradise for photographers and food lovers. You can tour the Arch Bridges, stone paths and beautiful gardens slowly in a comfortable way. Gubei Water Town is not only a scenic spot but also a kind of life.

Gubei water town is invested by Cyts Holding Co., LTD., and the address is selected in Gubeikou Town, Miyun District, Beijing. Backed by the Simatai Great Wall and with the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, this area is a combination of mountains, water and the Great Wall which is rarely seen in the suburbs of Beijing. Relying on the history and culture left by the Simatai area, Gubei Water Town has been deeply developed. The 9 square kilometers resort area is planned as "six districts and three valleys". The six districts include the Laoying area, the Republic of China-style street, Water Street area, Wolongpu folk culture area, Tanghe ancient village area, homestay and dining area. The three valleys are Houchuanchan Valley, Aden Valley and Yunfengcui Valley. It has become a comprehensive and characteristic leisure international tourism resort destination with a high level of services and facilities which integrates sightseeing, leisure vacation, business exhibition, creative culture and other tourism formats.

The town is perfect for taking pictures, especially in autumn. The town is a cluster of plants, where rattan plants climb the wall and woody plants grow along the river. Earthen, mud-shingles and rock flakes are half-hidden under leaves, and clusters of fruit are hanging from the flowered Windows. Every turning in the street is an unexpected joy. The girls in the town are waving their skirts and the boys are playing their beloved guitars.

Simatai Great Wall is located in Gubeikou Town, northeast of Miyun County, Beijing. It is the only ancient architectural site in China that retains the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty. It starts from Wangjing Tower in the east and ends at Houchuankou in the west, with a total length of 5.4 kilometers and 35 watchtowers. The whole section of the Great Wall is ingenious in conception, strange in design, novel in structure and different in shape, which can be called the essence of the Great Wall. Professor Luo Zhewen, a famous Great Wall expert, once praised it that the Simatai Great Wall can be called the best part of the Great Wall of China.

Perhaps the best way to greet the town is an early morning walk up the Great Wall. Overlook the sun-soaked town from the Great Wall, the scenery on both sides of the bank is beautiful. With the first ray of sunshine in the morning, you can feel the history and vicissitudes of the Great Wall.

Translated by LIU Yu

Edited by WANG Jingyan