Enchanting color, beautiful Chengde!


The Imperial Mountain Summer Resort

The Imperial Mountain Summer Resort is the largest royal garden in the world. It contains the elegance of Southern gardens, the taste of northern mountain villages, and the natural landscape. Whether it is gorgeous autumn scenery or snow covered winter scenery, it is very beautiful!

Waiba Temple

Located in the northeast of the Imperial Mountain Summer Resort, Waiba Temple is the general name of eight Tibetan Buddhist temples and the largest royal temple group in the world.

Rehe Spring

Rehe Spring is the shortest river in China. It is the main water source of the Summer Resort. Beside the spring, there is a huge stone carved with the word "Rehe". The spring gushes out from the underground and finally flows into the WuLie river.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall is the best-preserved section of Ming Great Wall, which is known by experts as the essence of Ming Great Wall.

Qingchui Peak

Qingchui Peak National Forest Park is one of the ten wonders of Chengde and a famous mountain named by Emperor Kangxi. What's amazing here is that there is a mulberry tree about 3 meters high on the middle of the mountain. It is estimated that this mulberry tree and this peak have spent 300 years together.

Mulan Paddock

Mulan paddock was once the place where Qing Dynasty emperors held autumn hunting, and it is also the largest royal hunting ground in the world. If the most beautiful autumn in North China is in Hebei, the most beautiful autumn in Hebei must be in Mulan paddock. There are vast grasslands, forests, clear lakes, and galloping horses. You don't have to go to places far away. Come to Bashang grassland and you can satisfy your expectation of going to autumn grassland.

Chengde has countless beautiful sceneries. Today I just list a few of them. In your spare time, come to Chengde, Hebei Province with your yearning heart and enjoy the beautiful scenery!