Edible Flower: Sweet Osmanthus as Mysterious Ingredient


Every late autumn, you can smell the fresh fragrance of blossoms on the street. That is from the sweet osmanthus (Gui hua, 桂花) trees. But do you know that sweet osmanthus has always been an mysterious ingredient in Chinese food? Today, we'll recommend some traditional Chinese foods made with sweet osmanthus.

Osmanthus Cake

Osmanthus cake is a traditional sweet Chinese pastry made with glutinous rice flour, honey and sweet-scented


Osmanthus Wine

Also known as cassia wine, it is an alcoholic Chinese drink, usually sweetened, produced from Chinese white wine and sweet osmanthus flowers.

Honey Lotus Root with Sticky Rice

The root of the lotus plant is stuffed with sticky rice, slow cooked in a sweet broth until tender, sliced to reveal the floral pattern, and drizzled with flowery osmanthus syrup.