“Lucky Tiger Welcome Chinese New Year - Yangliuqing Wood Engraving New Year Paintings” Exhibition


New Year paintings are not only festive decorations, but also have profound humanistic and artistic values, and reflect the spiritual aspirations of the Chinese people in their pursuit of a better life.

More than one hundred Yang Liu Qing New Year paintings are displayed in this exhibition to show the public the exquisite products of New Year paintings in all ages. The splendid traditional Yangliuqing New Year paintings are engraved on the red display boards, which awaken visitors' memories of the Chinese New Year and convey the good wishes of celebration and auspiciousness to everyone. At the same time, through this exhibition, the intangible cultural heritage will be vigorously promoted. Therefore, it will further strengthen the public's understanding and protection of Yangliuqing wood engraving and enrich their festival life.

Among them, the Hall of Zi Xiao in the Zizhuyuan Palace (Hall 1) mainly displays important collections and fine works of Yangliuqing wood engraving New Year paintings, as well as products of New Year paintings in the form of glaze, porcelain and booklet. Jing Yi Zhai (Hall 2) introduces New Year paintings from all over the country in rich graphic form as well as the detailed production process and tools of Yangliuqing New Year paintings. Qi Yun Zhai (Hall 3) focuses on the works of Yangliuqing wood engraving paintings on subjects such as festive customs and the Twenty-four Filial Piety, as well as the video of the interview with the inheritors of Yangliuqing New Year paintings. Tian Xiang Zhai (Hall 4) showcases Yangliuqing wood engraving paintings themed on secular life.

The whole exhibition is divided into different categories to display the best products of New Year paintings, including historical stories, myths and legends, secular life, scenic spots, flowers, birds, fish and insects, maiden dolls, opera stories, etc., covering a wide range of subjects and rich contents. It can be seen that Yangliuqing Wood Engraving New Year Paintings are good at reflecting historical stories, current affairs and customs, and real life. It inherits the historical tradition and follows the spirit of the times, which is popular among the masses.

Time: Until March 27, 2022

Venue: Zizhuyuan Palace