Hike the Simatai Great Wall


Simatai Great Wall is located in the eastern part of Gubeikou Town, Miyun County. It is said that this place was first called "Dead Horse Terrace" because the terrain was so precipitous that someone had the misfortune to fall off the terrace while riding a horse. Later, people felt that the name was obscure and indecent, so they homophonized it as "Simatai". With a total length of 5.4 kilometers and 35 watchtowers, it is the only section of the Great Wall that retains the original appearance of the Ming Great Wall. Due to its special topographic conditions and the wisdom of the builders, the Great Wall runs along with the knife-like mountain ridges. The many forms of platforms, watchtowers and barricades vary in a short distance,which is extremely rarely seen in the entire Great Walls.

Translated by LIU Yu

Edited by WANG Jingyan