Featured Attractions of Ming Tombs


The Ming Tombs are a collection of mausoleums built by the emperors of the Ming dynasty of China, collectively known as the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming dynasty.

Featured Attractions:

Dingling Tomb

Dingling, one of the tombs at the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty site, is the tomb of the Wanli Emperor, his empress consort and the mother of the Taichang Emperor. It is the only Ming tomb to have been excavated. The burial chamber opens to the public so you can learn about the funeral custom of the imperial family. Besides, a variety of cultural relics are displayed in the hall as well.

Admission Fee: 60 RMB (April 1 – October 31) 40 RMB (November 1 – March 31)

Admission Hours: 8:00 – 17:30 (April 1 – October 31) 8:30 – 17:00 (November 1 – March 31)

Changling Tomb

Changling Tomb, the tomb of Emperor Yongle and his empress Xu, is the first of the Thirteen Tombs of the Ming Dynasty. At the largest scale, it covers an area of 120 thousand square meters.

Sacred Way

The Sacred Way, also known as Changling Sacred Way, is the approach to the Changling Tomb. Along the Way from south to north, you will see a number of sites (or sights) of interest and beauty, including the Stone Tablet Archway, Great Red Gate, Tablet Pavilion, Ornamental Columns, Stone Figures, Lingxin Gate. Changling Tomb Walking along the Sacred Way to the end, you can see the Changling Tomb (built in 1409), where lies the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Di and his Empress Xu. It is the largest, original and the best preserved among the thirteen tombs, and has three courtyards in the front and a Treasure City in the round rear part. The magnificent Grace and Blessing Palace (Ling'en Palace) in the second courtyard is highly recommended. Dingling Tomb Built from 1584 to 1590, it is the mausoleum of Emperor Zhu Yijun, the thirteenth emperor of the Ming Dynasty and his two empresses. The highlight of this tomb is the stone Underground Palace, which was discovered between 1956 and 1958, and had a great deal of precious relics unearthed. Zhaoling Tomb Located in eastern foot of Dayu Mountain, Zhaoling is where the 12th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Zhu Zaihou and his three empresses were buried. It features the special Dumb Yard in a crescent shape housing the imperial coffins.