Inside the Temple of Heaven: The Hall of Abstinence


It was built in the 18th year of the Yongle era of the Ming Dynasty (1420), covering an area of nearly 40,000 square meters, and was a palace dedicated to the emperor's abstinence from fasting. There are beamless hall, bed room, bronze man stone pavilion, bell tower, guard room and patrol walk corridor and other ceremonial, residential, service, guard special buildings.

The palace layout is rigorous and elegant, and surrounded by two palace walls and two imperial ditches. Before the sacrifice, the emperor needs to three days in advance to the The Hall of Abstinence. And the emperor was required not to eat meat, not to drink, not to listen to music, sleep alone, disregard the penal, not to enquire about sickness and mourning, clean body, showing reverence and sincerity.

Translated by LIU Yu