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  • Bungalow Tiki & Cocktails Bar
    Hidden away on a small side street you could almost miss this small place, but Bungalow bar was...

  • Drunk Begining Bar
    New joint Drunk Begining (cringe), appalling, misspelt name and all, challenges this paradigm with an endearing naïveté and enthusiasm...

  • Mao Mao Chong
    Mao Mao Chong’s re-launch near Nanluoguxiang marks a metamorphosis for the venue and one of the most exciting openings...



Elite Nutrition Center

This 300 sq. meter store stocks thousands of high quality imported health products such as...[more]

Schindler's Food Center

The food supplier of Schindlers Anlegestelle and Schindlers Tankstelle, this German food mecca sells an impressive array German sausages, meats, bread, cheeses and snacks. This is the perfect place to stock up for a barbecue or holiday feast...[more]

Miss Piece

Miss Piece is quite a fashionable shop around Beiluoguxiang for gadgets. Its daris yellow walls, warm lights and comfortable tones will surely shorten the distance between customers and the shop. Customers will not feel uncomfortable there...[more]

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