Making the Most of Autumn in Beijing
From Wild Mountains to Imperial Palace

Wild Tour in Beijing Suburbs
In autumn in Beijing, you can't miss the season of foliage. The plants in dark red and green and bright yellow make up the most typical autumn scene in Beijing. Coming to Beijing in autumn, wandering among the red-leaf forests and enjoying the colorful world, you might not even want to leave!
Royal Complexes
The Forbidden City is putting on its golden cloth against the red walls and under the blue sky, adding a solemn feeling to the ancient building. Come and explore the royal plants, it must be a great adventure!
Explore Autumn Charms in Buddhist Temples
Buddhist temples are not just a place of religious, but also demonstrate Chinese history and culture. In this golden autumn season, when you look for historical sites in Beijing, you must visit the ancient temples. Here are some of the oldest temples in Beijing recommended for you.
Fall Foliage in Downtown Beijing
Beijing is more than famous for its fall foliages. However, the first place people think of is the Fragrant Mountain, thus making it too crowded. Then don't go with the crowd! There are many other beautiful autumn scenery spots in Beijing, and they are located in the city!

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