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Leftover Stock Markets in Beijing: A Paradise for Bargains

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Many girls love to stroll in the Clothing Market near Beijing Zoo, and they have a lot of funs in bargaining for beautiful clothes! As long as you pay substantial attention, you can also select out some fashionable but inexpensive clothes. Why not seize the opportunity of seeking cheap and fashionable clothes? Everyone knows how to buy clothes, but it is not an easy thing to buy beautiful clothes with limited money and have unlimited funs. Here, we recommend nine clothing leftover stock markets in Beijing where there are abundant goods at a price between RMB 2 yuan to RMB 50 yuan!

1. Tianlantian GOGO Clothing Leftover Stock Market

A signboard, on which it reads “At the price of RMB 2-50 yuan, numerous clothes are ready for you!”,, hangs beside the Lize Bridge Long Distance Bus Station at the northeast corner of Lize Bridge. There Tianlantian GOGO Clothing Leftover Stock Market is! There are two floors in the market, and each of the two floors has an area of about 10,000 square meters; and more than 700 merchants do business there from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The clothes there are not very new, and most of them have been hung outside in order. The market is not significantly different from ordinary clothing markets, but most of clothes are short in size, and the number for each variety is not so large, and for some varieties, maybe only one is left. They are displayed almost as “exhibits”. Almost all customers passing-by touch them so that they do not look very new. An article at the price of RMB 50 yuan would not be considered inexpensive there. In the market, sweaters, down coats, overcoats, long-sleeved knitted underclothes and pants are being sold. As introduced by merchants, if clothing factories produce more clothes and they have gained enough profits from clothes sold, they will sell the leftover stock to merchants in the market at a very low price. So the prices there are very low: a set of children’s garment only sells at RMB 10 yuan, a piece of hoody at RMB 13 yuan, and you can buy two pieces of reversible cotton clothing at RMB 50 yuan.

The environment inside the market is very clean and the passages are very broad, so it is even more spacious than Guanyuan Wholesale Market and Vantone Wholesale Market. Merchants are adorned with special passes, on which the name and photo of a merchant are shown. Now and then, a loud voice from the loudspeaker in the market reminds merchants not to occupy the passages with cardboard cases or other things. Besides, safety inspectors are patrolling about.

Bus routes: Take Bus 323, 349, 395, 719, 733, 822, 833, 836, 631, 927, 937, 944, 933, 927 (extension), 744 Branch, 201, 205, 958, 604, 739, Yuntong 103, Yuntong 108 or 927 Shuttle Bus, get off at Lize Bridge.

2. Tiantongyuan Leftover Stock Market

Tiantong Leftover Stock Market is Tianlantian Leftover Stock Market (Phase II); and Tianlantian Leftover Stock Market is the first tail market in Beijing. The Tiantongyuan Station of Subway Line 5 is at the entrance of Section 3, Tiantongyuan West. Colorful banners used to promote the leftover stock market hang on the streetlight poles along both sides of roads in the residence community. They boast of their low price: “Clothes/Leftover Stock at RMB 2-25 yuan.”

。 According to feedbacks from web-browsers, a pair of canvas shoes sold at the price of RMB 25 yuan will be quoted for RMB 70 yuan on the Beijing Zoo Clothing Wholesale Market.

Routes: To go there by subway, get off at the Tiantongyuan Station of Subway Line 5; To go there by bus, nearly all the buses northwards will take you there, such as 758 Shuttle Bus, Bus 851.966, 985, 984, 430, 426, 850, 836 etc. Get off at the Dongsanqinan Bus Stop.

3. Dongsishitiao Foreign Trade Goods Street

White-collar workers like to go shopping there as they prefer fashionable clothes. Nearly one hundred small shops are located along the south and north sides of Dongsishitiao Street and most of the shop names contain “Foreign trade”. Every shop there, occupying an area of ten square meters or so, has their own characteristics. 

 Most clothes being sold there are the leftover stock from factories, or purchased from wholesale markets at whole sale. However, there are also well-known brands, such as The shop owners say that there are not many such clothes and most of their goods are the leftover stock for “foreign orders” of factories, so they sell at a very low price. The unit price for sweaters is RMB 15 yuan, and that for 啊pair of women trousers is RMB 35 yuan…the clothes there are not very expensive.

Routes: Take Bus115, 113, 406, 701, 117, or 416, get off at Sanlitun Bus Stop; Take Bus 110, 120, 403, or 118, get off at the Workers’ Stadium Bus Stop; or take subway and get off at Dongsishitiao Station

4. Sunshine Xinlongqinghe Clothing Leftover Stock Wholesale Market

。 Sunshine Xinlong Qinghe Clothing Leftover Stock Wholesale Market is located 400 meters to the north of Qinghe Woolen Textile City, which is to the west of Xiaoying Bridge, Haidian District. It is the biggest clothing leftover stock wholesale market in the north suburbs of Beijing and also the biggest foreign trade clothing leftover stock market, where all sorts of merchandise from nationwide foreign trade clothing leftover stock, foreign trade knit goods, as well as foreign trade shoes and hats converge.

On the first floor, all merchants sell clothings; and on the second floor, all merchants sell beddings. The prices at stalls in the first two rows are high, and those at stalls in the back rows are appropriate. According to feedbacks on, one friend has bought one piece of thick pullover at RMB 30 yuan, which must have been produced for purpose of foreign trade with European countries or North America as its size is big, and it is worthwhile. One friend has bought one piece of polo sweater at RMB 18 yuan, and it is worthwhile.

Bus Routes: Take Bus 393, 996, 392, 432, or 618 etc.

5. Huilongguan Leftover Stock Mall

Huilong Leftover Stock Community Mall is situated at West Street Business Center, beside Huilongguan Station of Urban Railway Line 13 in the north of city. It covers a business area of 8,000 square meters and is divided into sections in which foreign trade clothing leftover stock, shoes and hats district, leather products and ornaments, and knit goods are sold respectively. The target customers of Huilong Leftover Stock Community Mall are different from those of other leftover stock markets, and its target customers are gradually shifting to “Young college students”. The leftover stock mall located at the big Huilongguan community not only aims at the hundreds of thousands of community residents but also college students since students from three university parks, namely, universities near to Wudaokou, Changping University Town and Shahe University Park, tend to do shopping there. College students, who have limited consumption capability but pursue fashion, will benefit a lot from the community mall.

Route:Take Subway Line 13 first and then shift to Bus 519, 443, 441, or 427.

6. Bairongtianhai International Trade Mall

If you seek carefully, you can get many bargains: RMB 35 yuan for a leftover down coat, RMB 10 yuan for one pair of trousers, RMB 5 yuan for a cap. However, not all clothes are leftover stock from factories there, and quite a number of merchants there are wholesalers. As clothing stalls selling such cheap clothes are scattered among wholesalers, they are not very conspicuous. One seller of fashionable women pants says that most of the clothes being sold there are of inferior brands, but there are also shops selling well-known brands, such as ONLY.

The environment there is clean. Floors and moving staircases are cleaned by sanitation workers now and then. However, if you spend a long time there, you will feel the air is somewhat stagnant since there lack windows. On the first floor, mainly men’s clothings are sold; and on the second floor, mainly women’s clothings are sold. Yet, there are quite a few shops not rented out, which are either locked or used as a “warehouse” with clothes stored but no keeper.

Popularity: Among customers there, there are wholesalers also engaged in clothing business and salaried persons, most of whom are middle-aged women; and there are also young lovers with low wages. Some people buy several pieces of clothings at one time and leave with several packs. One customer says that her house is nearby, and she comes over for a look; as the market is not well managed now, so she will come again some time later. Another customer says that the quality of clothings there is not bad, but the number of stalls there is too small --Nearly half of shops on the second floor remain closed.

Route: The market is located at Muxiyuan along the 3rd South Ring Road, and you can take Bus 627, 954, 973, or 736 etc. to reach there.

7. Jiulong Huichuan Clothing Leftover Stock Market

Jiulong Huichuan Shopping Center, situated to the west of Hongfangzi intersection, Nanyuan, Daxing district, is the first large-scale clothing leftover stock market in the southern part of Beijing and it sells fashionable clothes at a price lower than cost in a long term.

A set of colored cotton underwear that sells at the price of RMB 120 yuan in a supermarket can be bought at RMB 50 yuan at the wholesale market, but it can be bought at only RMB 20 yuan at Jiulong Huichuan Leftover Stock Market. Many people are astonished at the ultralow sale price of clothes at Jiulong Huichuan Leftover Stock Market: the wholesale price can be as low as RMB 0.5 yuan, and the retail price can be as low as RMB 0.8 yuan.

The most expensive clothes there sell at a price of over RMB 40 yuan, and some even cost RMB 2 yuan. Comparing with Tianlantian, there are not so many merchants there. Most of the clothes cost about RMB 20 yuan, and people with a slender figure can surely find their favorite clothes there!

Routes: Take Bus 343, 353, 366、369, 485, 610, 954, 957(Express One),or Yuntong 115, and get off at Nanyuan Hongfangzi Bus Stop of Fengtai district.

8. Tongzhou Leftover Stock Market

You can buy clothes of well known brands, such as “Septwolves” and “ONLY”, at 80% discount in Tongzhou. Tongzhou Leftover Stock Market is located to the south of Liyuan Subway Station, and it just opened in this April. The business area is about 13,000 square meters, and there are five floors. It will start business this Friday formally. According to initial schedule, it will open from 10: 00 am to 7: 00 pm every day. Tongzhou store is the first “leftover stock factory store” in Beijing. It has more varieties of goods with a low price at 80% discount.

Route: Liyuan Subway Station along Subway Batong line.


9. Tianhui Leftover Stock Mall

Tianhui Leftover Stock Mall is another success after Tianlantian Clothing Leftover Stock Market won a nationwide fame in 2006. The business area of such a mall is 8,000 square meters. Its primary business is shoes, trunks, bags of domestic and foreign well-known brands. It will build up the biggest dedicated tail shoe mall along the 3rd West Ring Road of Beijing.

Tianhui Leftover Stock Mall is located at Liza Bridge on the 3rd West Ring Road. The traffic here is very convenient. You can go to Beijing West Railway Station, Lize Long Distance Bus Station, Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station, Lianhuachi Long Distance Bus Station easily from the mall.

Routes: Take Bus 323, 349, 395, 719, 733, 822, 833, 836, 631, 927, 937, 944, 933, 927 (Extension), 744 Branch, 201, 205, 958, 604, 739, Yuntong 103, Yuntong 108, or 927 Shuttle Bus, get off at Lize Bridge.

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