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Shunyi Wetland Park

2011-09-02 print

      Hanshiqiao park, which is located in Shunyi District of Beijing, has a wetland which is considered the only existing natural reed marsh in the capital. The wetland covers an area of about 1900 hectares, with 163.5 hectares of reed in the center of the area.


Shunyi Wetland Park


Shunyi Wetland Park


  There are 292 species of plants in the nature reserve, with reeds, cattails, lotus and water lily making up the majority. The wetland is also home to 153 kinds of birds, many of which are nationally protected. Every year from March to May and from September to November, numerous birds including rare species such as herring gulls, large swans, white-rumped grass snipes migrate to the wetland. Some of them breed here and from May to October, tourists can observe the reproduction and brooding of the birds. Flowers of varying colors decorate the wetland in different seasons, among which, water lily and lotus are two species the wetland is most famous for.

  The park is a 45-minute drive outside of downtown Beijing and is free to enter. The best way to tour Hanshiqiao Wetland Park – Family Bicycle Tour: Tour operators at the park offer bicycles and tourists can ride through the three major sections of the park, the forest area, the wetland and the road ringed lake.

  Address:Yang Town,Shunyi District.

  Admission: free.

  Bus: 918.

  Tel: 010-61456099.

  Open: 9:00--17:00.

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