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Wuling Mountain

2011-08-09 print

       Wuling Mountain  is located in the Miyun District, just northwest of Beijing. In 2007, Beijingers voted on numerous websites that  Wuling Mountain was  “the most beautiful mountain of Beijing’s suburbs.”  With 2,118 meters above sea-level its main peak is also the main peak of Yanshan Mountain range. The variation of terrains and landforms determines the density of its climate. Wuling Mountain was known as Fuling Mountain originally. While part of the beauty lies in the fact that the mountain is cloudy and foggy all the year round, Fuling Mountain gradually changed its name after several years went  by.  It is  now regarded as Yellow Mountain in North China.      

Wuling Mountain

       In its unique location, abundant with natural resources that add to the scenery, there are several natural reserves for protecting wild animals and the forests. Wuling Mountain ,the observatory with the largest astronomical telescope in Asia, Xinglong Observation Station , the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty and Liuliping Forest Park are all worth seeing during your visit.

       Address: Caojia Road, Xinchengzi Town, Miyun County .

        Admission: RMB 91

        Opening hours: 15th April to 15th October every year.

        Tel: 010-81022498,010-81021034


Wuling Mountain

        Tips: 1. Wear more clothes for there are big differences in temperature in the mountain.

                2. After climbing the mountain, you can have a taste of the family cuisine from a farmer’s household at the foot of  the Mountain.

         Bus:Take 980 at Dongzhimen to Miyunxi Bridge and take 38 or 52 to the East Gate of Caojialu Village .

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