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The time-honored brands have all endured through various tests and hardships over a long period of time. With strong historical connotations and unique cultural context, all the time-honored brands have become symbols of our time today.

Time-Honored Brands

Beijing's Time-Honored Brands 1

Neiliansheng Shoe Shop

Beijing's Time-Honored Brands2

Ruifuxiang Silk Store

Beijing's Time-Honored Brands3

Majuyuan Hat and Shoe Shop

Beijing's Time-Honored Brands4


Famous Brands

Dabei photographic studio which was established by Zhao Yanchen in 1921 was famous for its ability of taking stage costume pictures.Dabei photographic studio is not only a time-honored enterprise of China but also the oldest photographic studio in Beijing.Dabei photographic studio was located in the Stone Hutong, Xuanwu district; while nowadays, there are two branches in Beijing, the Qianmen branch and the Zaoyuan branch. [Detailed]

Cultural Heritage

  • Yidege

  • Daiyuexuan Writing Brushes

  • San Shi Zhai Kite

  • Qianxiangyi Silk Store

Food Brands

  • Wangzhihe Bean-curd

    he Wangzhihe bean curd brand is an “elder”... [Detailed]

  • Xin Yuan Zhai

    Xin Yuan Zhai was set up in Emperor Xianfeng's reign ... [Detailed]

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