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Fermented Mung Bean Juice

It is a traditional Beijing local flavor snack with a long standing reputation and is characterized by a grey green color, heavy and mellow juice and a sour and tiny sweet taste. It is also a popular snack with unique flavors in winter and spring in Beijing. Old Beijing citizens have special preference to it. There are raw and cooked fermented mung bean juices. Raw fermented mung bean juice sellers put it in wooden cask barrows to sell with fermented mung bean juice dried; cooked fermented mung bean juice sellers usually bear a fermented mung bean juice pot on one side and fried ring, fried dough twist and spicy pickles on the other side. “A Collection of Beijing Snack Food" said: "dross makes porridge; slurry has thin and thick flavors. Males and females come and sit to have a taste.” And “it tastes neither sour nor salty, only the diner knows, how delicate!” Drinking fermented mung bean juice, one must match it with shredded pickles, generally kohlrabi in summer; the cultured would shred them with old salt water mustard, mix pepper oil, and dine brown and crispy fried ring, what a special flavor! Fermented mung bean juice is Beijing flavor snack made of the leftovers of mung bean starch or silk noodles. The raw fermented mung bean juice is prepared by the steps: soak mung bean in water, grind, remove most of the starch (used to produce silk noodles and bean jelly, etc.), and ferment the rest liquid. Fermented mung bean juice is normally sour, tiny bitter, and slightly acidy.

Preparation method:

1. Sieve out the mung bean impurities, wash them clean, put in a basin to soak with cold water for a dozen hours (warm water in winter, the water is 2 times more than the mung beans), fish out when the skin can be easily removed, add water to grind into paste (the finer, the better), make 2.65kg paste out of each kg of mung beans, add 1.5kg slurry water (the water skimmed out of the bean juice and starch) to the paste, gradually add not less than 12kg of cold water to filter, and make 17kg of powder slurry and 2kg of bean dregs.

2. Pour the powder slurry in a big crock and settle for one night. White starch falls to the bottom, and then a layer of grey brown black powder, a layer of grey green heavy raw fermented mung bean juice, and a layer of scum and slurry from bottom to top. Skim the scum and slurry, spoon out the raw juice (8kg raw juice can be obtained, and another 500g of starch and a small amount of black powder), precipitate one more time before reboiling, 6h in summer and one night in winter, skim the slurry after precipitate.

3. Put a little cold water in the pot, boil with big fire, pour raw fermented mung bean juice, take it out when swelling, use low fire immediately to keep it warm (bog fire will make fermented mung bean juice dried), fill in the bowl, and dine with spicy pickles.

Beijing snacks


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