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NBeer Pub

2013-10-08 print

The NBeer Pub, just a couple paces from the Ping'anli Station, could make a beer nerd out of you, whether you like it or not.

NBeer Pub

Let's start with the fridge, the biggest of its kind in Beijing. Inside, you’ll find such rarities as the 'Sink the Bismark', a 41 percent ABV bombshell that’s like sipping Xenomorph blood, but hoppier. Other fancy imports will run you upwards of 2,000 RMB. Consult the staff before throwing down for the first thing that catches your eye; their eagerness to offer informed suggestions are a boon to boozers. Our attention was directed towards three excellent choices: O’Hara’s Leann Folláin (39 RMB), Wells Banana Bread (29 RMB) and Honey Brown Lager (33 RMB). We were particularly taken with the Banana Bread; it tasted fresh-baked.

NBeer Pub

NBeer Pub really shines as a battle royale of Beijing microbrews. Get a flight of six (68 RMB) and your taste buds play referee as Great Leap Brewing, Tipsy Face, Panda and Master Gao’s face off. If you think you can do better, sign up for the 1,780 RMB class to brew two 20-litre kegs of your own, custom designed labels included. How cool is that? To top it all off, NBeer Pub’s fries are salty sticks of awesome and the music is infectious. Thank heavens we’ve got friends who live in Xicheng District.

Open: 3:00 pm - midnight daily

Average Cost: 100 Yuan

Tel: 86-10-8328 8823

Address: First Floor Huguo Xintiandi, 52 Huhuosi Avenue, Xicheng District


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