Qikong Bridge Flower Sea


Qikong Bridge Flower Sea is near Shisanling Reservoir, which used to be a sandpit. The flower sea is cultivated with over 20 plant species, whose flowering phases cover all year around. Therefore, tourists can appreciate different grand landscape all seasons. The flower sea embraces its most beautiful period in June. The land is colored with purple, yellow and green. The combination of flowers and undulant mountains brings unique experience for tourists. Also, it also has the pathways wriggle through and dotted with wooden house, which makes an idyllic scenery. With the Qikong Bridge in distance, it's definitely an ideal place for weekends.

There are thousands of mu of flowers here. To enjoy the flower sea in Changping has become a good choice for Beijing citizens to "travel in the suburbs." The flowering period of the flower sea runs through the whole third quarter. The colorful "flower waves" present a beautiful landscape. With wildflowers everywhere and birds flying in the blue sky, it is an excellent, free tourist resort!

Address: Shisanling Town, Changping District, Beijing


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