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Review of bookstores with stories in Beijing


Nowadays, bookstores are not only places to buy books. There are several bookstores in Beijing that are very popular with young people. They can not only buy books, but also read, drink coffee and take good photos. Go and have a look after the epidemic!

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The main colors of the bookstore are very clear and steady: white, brown and black. The green glass of the stairs is the biggest bright spot, connecting the upper and lower floors in a wooden bookshelf, which makes the bookstore full of vitality as a whole like green plants.

The first floor is mainly composed of art and design books, including pure art, fashion, architecture, film, animation, etc. A large number of materials can be found here. The second floor is mainly composed of books about children, foreign language, literature and gift areas, with fire-fighting equipment placed beside the bookshelves in the children's area. The foreign language books are mainly literature, cooking and tourism, and literature books in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Bookstores sell all kinds of stationery and handicrafts. Bookstores should create a high-end consumption atmosphere. For example, the music in the store is customized. In order to match the mood of customers, the music is played according to different time periods in the morning, noon and evening and on different days from Monday to Friday, and it is not music downloaded from the Internet; the flowers on the display table are designed and shaped by designers, and they are changed once a week; the wooden bookshelves are custom-made and come with a copper label.

Zhengyang Publishing House

Zhengyang Publishing House specializes in Beijing's historical documents. When its store was in Dashila block, it was very famous in Beijing's cultural and historical circles. This bookstore full of "Beijing flavor" sells old books, maps and photos related to the old Beijing culture. The bookstore is open to the public free of charge. There are 40000 books in the bookstore, which are only for people to see but not for sale, so that book lovers can enjoy reading in the ancient hutongs and at the foot of the ancient pagoda in Beijing. It is also a collection of archives, library and museum, which can read and borrow books for free, and invite guests to give speeches.


Entering the bookstore is like entering a magic world. Mirror roof makes bookshelves alternate. On the other hand, there are stairs leading to the second floor. The width of the stairs is almost enough for one person to pass through. It twists and turns up, almost every three or two steps. There are bookshelves on both sides, and also bookshelves on the roof. Walking to the end of the stairs, looking back, the designer introduces that the plane wrapped by the bookshelves and stairs is just like a Chinese knot.

On the right side of the first floor stairwell is the children's hall. Behind the bookshelf of each wooden house, there is also a set of card seats where children can read their favorite books.

There is a coffee shop on the second floor, where you can order a cup of coffee or tea and read the good books that you like. You can enjoy a quiet and leisurely reading time.


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