It can be called a scenic spot in the suburbs of Beijing, and has the reputation of "little Huangshan Mountain in the north"


It is a famous scenic spot in the suburbs of Beijing and a famous National Forest Park in Beijing. It is located at the border of Miyun District and Huairou District. It is Yunmeng Mountain, known as the "little Huangshan"! In the territory, there are towering mountains, cut valleys, strange peaks and rocks, waterfalls and springs. The clouds are unpredictable; the trees and flowers are fragrant, and the natural scenery is very beautiful.

Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park has abundant landscape resources and dense forests. The air is fresh, clear, and sweet, and it has very suitable climate and altitude conditions.

The temperature of Yunmeng Mountain is generally 6-7 ℃ lower than that of the plain area under the mountain, and the air humidity and ventilation conditions are superior. However, the temperature of Yunmeng Mountain in summer is only 20-24 ℃, and the maximum temperature is about 28 ℃.

Yunmeng Mountain is a famous mountain in the suburbs of Beijing with the characteristics of mountain scenery. It is a forest park with Zhongshan landform unique to Beijing. There are four characteristics of Yunmeng Mountain: many strange pines and rocks, many ancient caves in Xianshan mountain, many waterfalls and flowing springs, and many trees and flowers. It is a famous mountain with peaks, stones, ponds, waterfalls, clouds and forests. It is famous for its magnificent, dangerous, strange, beautiful, secluded and broad-minded landscape.

The six landscape features of Yunmeng Mountain, such as strange peaks, different rocks, pools and waterfalls, misty clouds, forests and historic sites, not only constitute a dynamic and static spatial picture, but also give people an aesthetic enjoyment of audio-visual sense, which makes people feel relaxed and happy, praise them and forget to return.

Yunmeng Mountain Forest Park, known as little Huangshan. It's cool to enter the park. On both sides of the road, the plants are extended, and there are various insects lying in the grass. You can feel the air is particularly fresh. The steps are made of various stones, and the interval is a little big. It's hard to walk. There are also wooden plank roads here. Walking at the foot of the mountain, there is a stream flowing through. Looking at the distance, there is green full of sight in the front of. From time to time, a variety of bird calls are heard. While walking, you can also look at all kinds of wild flowers on the roadside. It's very beautiful.

It's really tiring to climb mountains. You can find a wooden pavilion to rest, drink water and eat snacks. The more you go in, the more moisture you feel. The sound of running water will come into ears. Walking along the sound, you will see the waterfall as expected. It looks like a landscape painting, very beautiful. Under the high waterfall is a green pool.

Keep moving forward and the pace gradually slows down. Although the mountain is not too high, there are artificial roads, but a few hours of climbing will make you tired, but the mood is still happy. After unremitting efforts, you will certainly reach the summit. Along the way, there are streams, waterfalls, all kinds of strange rocks everywhere. In the body, there is a mysterious feeling. Because of the high vegetation coverage, you will feel very comfortable.

There are many waterfalls here, so there are many pools, including tiger hole pools, green pools, lotus pools. Negative oxygen ions are rich, because the mountains are full of pine and cypress trees, all kinds of vegetation. A day in the mountains will end soon before you know it. You may want to come again and feel the beauty of nature!

Address: No.127 Reservoir West Road, Huairou District, Beijing


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