Catch the tail of July and set off to Jinshanling Great Wall!


July is a season of recollection. It is easy to be happy when you recall the innocence and childlike interest of childhood. Recall the rebellious and unruly youth; temper is more conducive to growth. The joy of childhood seems to be fresh in my mind. In a flash, we have grown up.

July is a romantic season. Where love begins, a wonderful life will be restarted. Everyone has a midsummer night dream.

July is a harvest season, the breeze floating, golden wheat waves, which is the most moving scene in July. In July, walk along the Great Wall of Jinshanling, feel the heavy history, along the direction of the sun, enjoy the majestic of the pass. Enjoy the poetic mistiness of ancient architecture.

July is what kind of season. The lotus leaf becomes green; cherry becomes red; apricot becomes yellow. You should also set off. Catch the tail of June and set off to Jinshanling Great Wall!

Address: Miyun District, Beijing


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