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Panoramic tour of nine parks in Tongzhou


1. The Grand Canal Forest Park is the most beautiful park in Tongzhou District and one of the most popular parks in Tongzhou.

The park is very big and beautiful. Now it's summer, and lotus has been full of ponds in the scenic spot!

Admission: Free

2. Xihaizi park can be said to be the common memory of the three generations of old, middle-aged and young people in Tongzhou. Since 2016, the park began to be renovated. Now, with the opening of phase I and phase II, it also radiates new vitality.

3. Canal Park, as the name suggests, must be next to the Grand Canal. Walking in the Canal Park, you can feel the grand sight and tranquility of the canal. The high-rise buildings in the distance and the blue rippling canal nearby form a beautiful picture.

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4. Taihu Park covers an area of 150 hectares (about four Longtan lakes), of which 25 hectares are water surface. Because the water covers a large area, Taihu park gives full play to this advantage in the design, combining water resources and creative buildings perfectly.

Admission: Free

5. The eastern suburb forest park is located on the bank. In a breeze, it's so romantic to join hands with your loved ones to play here. After the epidemic is over, it is bound to become the latest most popular place in Tongzhou.

Admission: Free

There are plenty of parking spaces and free of charge.

6. Liyuan theme park,

Tongzhou District is full of literary and artistic atmosphere. It not only has the gathering place of famous artists at home and abroad, but also has the art gallery of master Han Meilin, a national treasure level artist. In addition, the scenery of Yunguang lake is also very pleasant, willows, small buildings, lakeside constitute a quiet small scene.

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7. Lucheng Central Park, also known as Lucheng legal Park, is a newly built Park in Lucheng town as a legal education base for law popularization education, and the largest existing urban park in Tongzhou District. The scenery here is very beautiful, especially now.

Admission: Free

8. Songzhuang Cultural Park,

Songzhuang Cultural Park covers a total area of more than 800 mu. There are more than 20 varieties and more than 2000 cherry blossoms planted in the park, which is known as the most popular cherry garden.

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9. Impression forest in the eastern suburbs

The park is opposite the Wetland Park in the eastern suburb. It is a humble place, but you will never be disappointed when you enter the park.

And there's a secret behind the park. Now it looks small, but it has a big backbround. Beijing wants to build an eastern suburb forest park here. As one of the four country parks in the city, it will also fill the gap of no country park in the plain area. The total area of the park is as high as 400 square kilometers, nearly half of the total area of Tongzhou District! The core area is nearly 60 square kilometers, nearly 10 times the Olympic Forest Park!

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